Welcome to Vans, Photography by Tess Danielle. My photography business didn’t just begin one day when I decided to pick up a camera…I would like to think that I was “destined” to be in the photography industry! My dad, Van, opened our family owned and operated studio in 1978. His many years of dedication and great relationships with clients grew to a thriving business that he left me when he passed away from cancer in 2012. I can still remember the fun we had when he would drag me along to weddings & events when I was in high school (in fact that’s how I met my husband!). And when I graduated from college in 2006, joining my pop at the family studio just seemed like the best possible fit!
Our studio had been located in Madera since 1978…but just recently I decided to take a big leap of faith and move all of my studio operations closer to home in Shaver Lake. Not only do I get to spend more quality time with my precious kiddos..I also get to work in a landscape made to be captured by a camera! I service all areas of the Central Valley & the Central Coast throughout the year….and ready to jump at any opportunity to take clients to great locations (or maybe you have a special spot you would like to invite me to tag along!).

I am committed to creating uniquely beautiful images and also to bringing fun to the process. Whether we are shooting your wedding, family portrait…or newborn session, I take such pride and joy in joining you during this amazing moment of your lives and capturing not only the sights…but the true beauty of the memories.

Like my father who served the past 3 generations of families… I look forward to working with your family is it grows from the first moments of love..to tiny footprints…to exciting adventures that come around each corner of life!

Address: P.O. Box 38 Shaver Lake, CA 93664
Phone: 559-673-8400
Website: vansphotography.com
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